Company History

Since 1980, Capitol Radio Communications has provided high quality communication equipment to hundreds of private organizations, businesses, and government entities in the Washington DC area. We offer a wide range of services that includes radio equipment rentals, security and surveillance kits, antenna installation, and frequencies selection and management. These products are combined with our services that include on-site preparation, delivery, and coordination of all communication necessities for large scale gatherings.

Terry Zaccarino, owner and president of Capitol Radio Communications Inc, has been involved in the communication industry for nearly four decades. He has received numerous awards from Motorola, Sprint Nextel, RCA, and Bell Atlantic for customer service and technical knowledge. Additionally, Terry serves as President of Communications Electronics of Virginia Inc, a leader in radio installation, servicing local, state, and federal government end-users as well as private companies in the national capital region.

Capitol Radio Communication is a Class "A" Contractor licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia.